Reality shaped his art. His art shaped my reality

La Mirada Producciones

La Mirada was born in 1994 (Canary Islands. Spain), being fundamental in the development of the Spanish short film in the nineties. Among others, La Mirada produces “El largo viaje de Rústico” 1994, by Rolando Díaz, nominated as best documentary short film at Goya’s awards; “Esposados” 1996, by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, the first Spanish short film nominated for a Hollywood Oscar; “La Raya” 1997, by Andrés Koppel, winner of the Alcalá 

Festival; “Ruleta” 2009, by Roberto Santiago, selected at the Cannes Film Festival and “A well-married marriage” 2000, by Inma Rodríguez, which total nearly 200 national and international awards. 

With “Hombres Felices” (2001), by Roberto Santiago, La Mirada launches into the production of a feature film, followed by “The island where the golden age sleeps” (2005), by Isabelle Dierckx; “The Baron against the demons” (2007), by Ricardo Ribelles; “La isla interior” (2011), by Félix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso; “Six points on Emma” (2012), by Roberto Pérez Toledo and “Cubillo, history of a state crime” (2012), by Eduardo Cubillo. Selected and awarded 

at various national and international festivals. “The Last Archer” (selected at the Canada´s Hot Docs Documentary Festival in 2020) is our most recent work. 


Dácil Manrique de Lara

Shee produces and directs his first feature film The Last Archer.

In his productions he has several video clips and several spots selected at national and international festivals.